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Online Booking Guide

Easiest way to buy a ticket on Sriwijaya Air is to use any of the 3 different methods of payment from our on-line payment system; ATM ,Internet Banking and Credit Cards.

You can also purchase a ticket from a Travel Agent or directly from a Sriwijaya Air Branch Office.

Step 1. Go the website, where you can easily select or enter your destination

information and submit. Once you follow this way you can make your Flight Reservation and enjoy the flight.
You will receive a Passenger Name Reference number (PNR) and a 13-digit payment code.

Step 2. To pay the ticket you can use any of the following methods:

    * ATM machines,
    * Internet Banking,
    * Credit cards

If payment is made by ATM machine, you will receive a paper slip as confirmation of payment.

Step 3. e-Ticket will be sent via email shortly after payment

Step 4. Upon arrival at the airport, present your passport or identity card at check-in counter and proceed to the boarding gate.

In any circumstances where a paper ticket is needed, Sriwijaya Air Branch Office or Airport Ticketing Office may issue a ticket or itinerary receipt upon request.